How we produce

The production centre of Tecnocupole Pancaldi is located in one single place, in Castel San Pietro Terme, in the province of Bologna.

Thermoforming, mechanical machining and trimming, assembly, and finishing: these are the three main areas of processing for the production of domes, skylights, and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems.


Thermoforming is an advanced technique that involves heating flat plastic sheets and mechanically moulding them. In our factory, we use two systems to achieve excellent results and meet every request in terms of sizes and finishes.

With thermoforming, excellent aesthetic results can be achieved based on the specific characteristics of the materials, and extremely variable and customizable shapes can be obtained.

At Tecnocupole Pancaldi, we have been thermoforming for over 50 years, constantly updating our technologies and methods. The high degree of specialization achieved is proof of the great work done in the field of research and development. Tecnocupole Pancaldi prints compact and alveolar plastics from 1 to 20 mm.

Mechanical processing

Mechanical processing is essential for the production of an excellent product and occupies an important space within our production area.

The internal department dedicated to these processes employs highly specialized personnel who guarantee a service of the highest quality for sheet metal processing operations with laser and bending machines, and aluminium bar processing with a machining centre.

Trimming, assembly, and finishing

As much as technology, highly automated systems, and equipment support us in producing an excellent product, it is the manual skills and awareness of creating a "handcrafted" product that animates the trimming, assembly, and finishing department. People, but above all experts, take care of every detail of each individual product.