The Staff

2:00 PM, planning meeting.

At Tecnocupole Pancaldi, we have a tradition. Exactly ten minutes before 2 PM, there is a flow of people from various offices. Everyone has the same direction: the meeting room.
There might be logistical issues to resolve, discrepancies in measurements, a new project on the horizon, or updates on the progress of ongoing work. The planning meeting is a ritual that helps keep everyone informed and generates positive internal discussions to approach customer requests and obstacles to overcome.


Why are we telling you this? Because we have gathered our staff here, just as if it were 2 PM at the company, to present them all together.

Tecnocupole Pancaldi Technical Office

Technical Office

Giancarlo P.
Reading gives me new stories and ideas to identify and interact, to the rhythm of rock and blues, with the "arms" of the company, namely the installers and be the link between these two worlds.

Andrea A.
As a longtime camper and tireless driver, there is no curve or special application that I cannot handle with experience and foresight.

Mauro D.
Always willing to tackle new challenges and constantly learning and evolving, while remaining true to my personality, which is characterized by resilience, precision, and balance.

Michela Pancaldi

Andrea B.
Restoring vintage cars and DIY projects are the foundation of my free time and have taught me to find technical solutions to even the most challenging situations.

Tecnocupole Pancaldi Sales


Erika R.
I approach my everyday work with the same tenacity and respect that I would have for climbing a mountain. Achieving my goals becomes a source of pride and a launching point for new challenges.

Valentina B.
In my passion for pastry, order and precision are critical elements that allow me to manage my daily work with speed and efficiency.

Michela Pancaldi

Cristina V.
In 2009, I made a significant change in my life and joined Tecnocupole. Every day, I face new challenges with a methodical, persistent, and firm approach. I enjoy working collaboratively, like a soloist in an orchestra, where the ensemble creates the melody.

Elisa P.
I have been working at Tecnocupole for over twenty years, and although time has come with experience, having three sons has effectively taught me the art of patience in providing the necessary assistance to solve problems.

Anna G.
I am a marathon runner: if I can run for 42 kilometers and 195 meters, I can also face any challenge that clients may put in front of me, with clarity, determination, and awareness, from start to finish line."

Tecnocupole Pancaldi Administration


Antonella Pancaldi

Laura Pancaldi

Luana C.
As a passionate dog lover and experienced volunteer, I have developed a strong sense of empathy, particularly in emergency situations.

Tecnocupole Pancaldi Production Office

Production Office

Elena Pancaldi

Benedetta N.
Cycling is my passion, and practicing it constantly has taught me that to achieve a goal, the road can be long and winding but with tenacity, perseverance and good teammates success is attainable.

Francesca N.
As someone passionate about team sports, I understand the value of every team member and their role in achieving a desired outcome. At work, I am meticulous and punctual, ensuring my team's success.

Tecnocupole Pancaldi Production Department

Production Department

Production Coordination

Plant Maintenance

Logistics Area

Thermoforming Area

Frame and Window Processing Area

Finishing Area

Sheet Metal Processing Area

Components Warehouse Area