We firmly believe

A job well done is the result of many components.

The first of these is the gathering of information.

Tecnocupole Pancaldi is like a radar. From the first moment we are involved, our scanning and analysis activity begins, in search of confirmations and possible obstacles to overcome. We are meticulous in terms of information and do not contemplate randomness.

Our questions, a free consultation that saves the customer money.

Incorrect technical specifications, lack of precise communication on the overall project, it takes very little to incur extra costs.
The responsibility of the installer is increasingly crucial in our sector.
But most problems can be solved in the design phase. Our curiosity for details is the best guarantee for the respect of deadlines, investments, and expectations.

consultation Pancaldi

Diligent design for a smooth installation.

When it's time to climb to the roof, it's a done deal.
It's the moment when “we enter your home”.
We do it with the aim of staying there as little as possible, so as not to hinder daily activities more than necessary.
Maximum accuracy is guaranteed by our initial firmness in verifying every component of the project, every aspect, and possible criticalities.

The complete cycle on which to rely.

  • Design
  • Production
  • Installation and testing
  • Maintenance
professionalism Pancaldi

Each activity is entrusted to professionals.

Tecnocupole Pancaldi carries out and directly responds to every service it provides or product it supplies.