Plastics and aluminum hold no secrets for us.

We are on familiar terms with polycarbonate in all its forms, having worked with it and performed thermo-transformation processes since our inception.

We have always followed the evolution of every type of polymer suitable for our customers' needs. We constantly test new materials and new ways of using the innovations that the market offers.

Even aluminum and steel play an important role. Our special custom-designed curbs are all made of steel to perfectly fit the destination cover.

From "material to material," we arrive here, in our present, with excellent and specific products for:

  • mechanical strength;
  • fire reaction;
  • brilliance;
  • resistance to solar radiation;
  • environmental sustainability.

Here is a summary of the materials used by Tecnocupole Pancaldi:

  • Compact and alveolar polycarbonate.
  • Sheet steel, aluminium, stainless steel.
  • Extruded aluminium profiles designed to order.
  • Gaskets in foam rubber and EPDM.