Maintenance and spare parts


Even when the system is perfect, to keep it that way, it needs maintenance. Constant maintenance.


Maintaining the efficiency of safety devices is an unavoidable step. Because implementing “good fire prevention practices” means prevention.

In this regard, Tecnocupole Pancaldi always has its doors open for Prevention and Protection Managers. Our specialized technicians are available to Responsible for Prevention and Protection Service operating in:

  • industry;
  • large – scale Retail;
  • trade fair centres;
  • logistics sector;
  • amusement parks.

We maintain the efficiency of more than 20,000 smoke and heat control devices.

A management software helps us to:

  • be punctual in current interventions;
  • set a precise rotation on the machine park;
  • ensure reliable fire simulation tests;
  • constantly collect operating data;
  • plan extraordinary interventions.
management software

We also intervene on devices produced and installed by other companies. We restore them to efficiency if there has been a period during which maintenance has been lacking or if the system has stopped working. After the restoration, we ensure continuous maintenance.

Spare parts

Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems are not spared by time and the elements. Nor from accidental breakages.

Original Spare parts

But an NSHEV to ensure all the safety required of it, to guarantee its proper functioning, needs maintenance and spare parts. Original spare parts, as provided by the manufacturer.

Buying original spare parts has its advantages:

  • they are guaranteed in performance;
  • they are always available, ready to go immediately;
  • the quality is certified by Tecnocupole Pancaldi.

Take care of fire safety devices: do not leave safety to chance.