The equipment

When asked to talk about our “systems and equipment,” it is like taking our interlocutor by the hand and bringing them into our microcosm. It is not just about cutting-edge machinery, but also about constant investment and the pursuit of increasingly high-performance technologies.
Our production area is always evolving, and we never hesitate or spare any effort in researching new technologies to ensure an excellent product.
However, in our “locally sourced” production area, we never forget for a moment that these machines are operated by men and women. Without our dedicated staff and their wealth of experience, they would not be able to function.


We thermoform with two plants to optimize our resources and meet every customer's request.

Thermoforming machine for mechanical molding, maximum sheet size of 2850x1950 mm. Maximum achievable height of 500 mm. Maximum achievable thickness of 10 mm. A heating system is used, consisting of 240 (panels on the upper side) and another 240 (panels on the lower side), powered by 10 master control racks with 8 outputs each, managing a total of 6 resistances.

Siemens standard PLC programme, in line with the industry 4.0 production model.

Plant handling: manual both for loading and unloading.


Thermoforming machine for mechanical/vacuum moulding of plastic materials, with a maximum sheet size of 3500x2300 mm. Maximum achievable positive height of 1000 mm.

A heating system is used, consisting of 384 quartz heaters arranged on two upper side panels and 2 lower panels, powered by 48 racks with 8 outputs each. PLC Siemens is employed.

Plant handling: mechanical type with sheet loading pick-up system and mechanical part unloader on a chute.

Mechanical machining


The precision of cutting and machining from bars is essential for the production of our opening devices.
The positioning of each individual machining operation affects the functionality of our devices.
For these reasons, we have chosen to invest in a system that can guarantee us precision and repeatability of the machined piece.


12-axis CNC aluminium machining centre performs milling, drilling, and cutting operations. It consists of an automatic warehouse and a push system for profiles up to 7000 mm.

The working unit is equipped with a soundproofed central operating part, which not only protects the operator but also reduces environmental noise impact.

Quadra L1 Emmegi SpA

Laser cutting.

Laser cutting is a fundamental process for the production of all our sheet metal components in steel and aluminium, with or without surface finishing treatments.

Laser cutting tecnocupole pancaldi

FIBER LASER “SALVAGNINI” with an innovative sheet metal processing line renowned for its simplicity of use, automation, flexibility, and high technology, in line with the industry 4.0 production model.
The line features significant "GREEN" innovations:


The ACUT system: an innovation that allows the use of compressed air as the cutting gas, utilizing the existing 7-bar pneumatic line in the company. This innovative cutting system leads to a significant reduction in atmospheric emissions of approximately 70% compared to a traditional setup.

We use fibre optic cutting systems to maximize ENERGY SAVING. These systems do not require setup time (laser heating) because the cutting process operates on an off-on system without the need for laxing gas (laser heating gas). The average power consumption of the machine during operation, compared to the current CO2 laser, achieves an energy saving of approximately 60%, while in standby mode, it reaches around 70%.

Circular economy.

The SVS1 system allows for the recovery of sheet portions and remnants from previous operations, both to quickly nest new elements at the machine edge and to catalogue and store the sheet portion for reuse at a later time. It consists of a high-definition camera mounted inside the work area, capable of capturing the image and converting the manually positioned sheet portion into a DXF file, without the need to zero the piece on the worktable.

Press brake system

Sheet metal bending is a complex process. Sheet metal exhibits high variability in its response to bending, depending on casting differences, dimensional tolerances, cutting, and other processes that make each piece truly unique. Systems capable of compensating for machine deformations and measuring the achieved angle in real-time are highly valuable for those aiming to deliver a quality product. In addition to precision and dimensional tolerances, attention is also given to the aesthetics of the finished product during the bending process.
Sheet metal bending is a critical phase of work that should be carried out using high-level and precise machinery.


Numerical control hydraulic press equipped with an extensive set of punches and dies that allow us to accommodate (almost) all customization requests.

The press is equipped with a type 4 laser-based electro-sensitive protection system (DSP) that enables us to work with maximum safety.

Hydraulic press brake vimercati

Trimming, assembling and finishing

Trimming, assembling and finishing tekteam

5-axis C.N. Uniteam machining centre.

Worktable dimensions: 3400x2000x800 mm, suitable for self-learning operations with a tool magazine for milling cutters and/or blades.