The technical office

Our history is strong thanks to the comparison of two generations who have innovated and taken advantage of new technologies, which have become available over time in the areas of:

  • natural lighting and ventilation;
  • safety;
  • fire prevention.

The technical office is one of our aces in the hole.

It has the task of transforming the expressed needs into customized systems ready to be produced and installed, embracing available innovations and bringing new ones. Our technical office is also the engine of our consultations, always free and personalized, essential for designing design solutions capable of combining performance, technology, efficiency, and innovation.

natural light and ventilation.

More natural light and ventilation.
Less management costs.

Our technicians, using specific software and advanced simulators, are always available to carry out evaluations on the various product configurations to be used in the area of coverage to obtain excellent performance in terms of natural lighting and ventilation.

In addition, constant interaction with the test laboratory allows verifying if what is designed conforms to the reference regulations.

Guaranteeing an excellent product, safe and the result of personalized consultancy is the daily challenge of the professionals of our technical office.