About us

We specialize in designing, manufacturing, installing, and providing maintenance for lighting, and natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems.

In short, we ensure the safety of your daily life by starting at the highest point: your roof. We are able to do this because we take personal responsibility for each phase of the project, from the initial design to the installation of our products. All of our items are produced in-house at our facility in Castel San Pietro Terme (BO).

No compartmentalisation.

Our salespeople, technicians, and production personnel have extensive experience working as a team and taking a holistic approach to their work, combining their expertise in design and technology.
We strongly believe in sharing knowledge and engaging in daily discussions to foster growth, both as a company and most of all as individuals.

For 60 years we have been pioneers. Explorers. Trailblazers.

We have been in the business of making lighting and air safety a priority for a long time. So much so that this commitment has become a family legacy, passed down through generations. Initially, two brothers worked in the “control room,” but now, four female cousins have taken up the mantle.

Tecnocupole Pancaldi is not only our company, it's the home in which we were raised. It's where we learned to work with empathy and passion, driven by the experiences of those who came before us. In this “home,” we were taught to have a comprehensive view without overlooking any details and to take care of people, even before the product.

So, after installing thousands of meters of profiles and domes on roofs in Italy and abroad, here we are. Still at "home" and ready to offer you the best ideas and the most functional designs to enhance your spaces and make them safe, bright, and perfectly ventilated.

Do you have a project? We are ready to examine it.
Don't have a project yet? Let's plan it together.

Tecnocupole Pancaldi in breve ENG

Tecnocupole Pancaldi in a nutshell

  • 2 generations of experience.
  • Over 60 years of activity.
  • 35 specialists.
  • Management of the complete process, from design to installation and testing.
  • Use of highly recyclable raw materials.
  • 100% Made in Castel San Pietro Terme (BO.)