Stories of Responsibility and Innovation

Proactive and responsible: Tecnocupole today.

We are responsible people and professionals. Every project and every product is characterized by this. Always.

We are responsible for what has been entrusted to us.

At Tecnocupole Pancaldi, the word "responsibility" is full of meaning, and we are sure that sharing it is a good thing, as well as useful for getting to know us better.
Gianni and Luigi Pancaldi have passed down a company that is capable of transforming itself with the changing market. But the true added value of what they have built is the community of people who make up the organization. This resource allows us to achieve even ambitious goals on a daily basis.

We are responsible towards the environment.

We care about the environment in which we live, making conscious efforts to minimize our impact. Others will come after us, and it is our responsibility to ensure they enjoy the same advantages we have had. Domes and skylights made from carefully chosen plastic materials, using only the necessary raw resources, but we try not to waste anything. Our production uses compact and alveolar polycarbonate sheets, and we provide the waste resulting from the cutting of these sheets to companies that use them to produce smaller objects, thus reducing the amount of plastic waste. A few figures:

  • 96,066 kg of compact and alveolar polycarbonate. This is our waste produced from 2014 to 2019.

  • 25,000 is the number of pieces, including protective masks, cabins for automatic machines, and other objects, produced by wire drawing companies with that waste.

The production cycle is almost zero km, with most of the processing taking place within our production facility, significantly reducing the transportation of semi-finished products by road.

We are responsible for our role.

Consciously responsible: this is what defines our identity as a family-owned company and has positioned us as “pioneers” in an industry that remains predominantly male-dominated. Even years after the generational transition, we continue to uphold the same level of determination and curiosity, both on our construction sites and within our company.

We are responsible towards the market.

Every day, we produce and install thermoformed domes and smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems with the utmost care. Safeguarding our customers' daily lives is the driving force behind our operations, not only in design and production, but also in research to develop increasingly high-performing solutions.

Innovation made in Pancaldi.

Call it process innovation, product innovation, or technological innovation. Without innovation, the natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems and natural lighting products we install today wouldn't exist. The first innovation "Made in Tecnocupole" undoubtedly dates back to the '80s and is called Voltalux, a modular system for natural lighting with easy assembly, enabling the installation of covered walkways and canopies, like the still-visible tunnels at the Bologna Fair and the Turin Courthouse. Since then, we haven't stopped.

With the same spirit, we have embraced material advancements and made strategic choices against the current. When fiberglass for the curbs may have seemed like a cost-effective solution, we opted for aluminum for greater installation flexibility.

Now, on the roofs, we have natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems that are safer than ever. Managed by intelligent control units that communicate with other systems, such as smoke detection systems that, at the first sign of smoke, alert the SHEV system, shifting the status from "standby" to "firefighting"
Everything is designed and produced by our people, everything is Tecnocupole Pancaldi.

We are proud of our innovation.
It is the result of a continuous cycle, at a sustained pace, in which everyone takes part by collaborating and sharing knowledge and experience. In this way, we nourish our growth and your safety.

Apparently, it works.