NSHEV for "Fashion" Logistics


An industrial building constructor understands that the characteristics of the roof installation that they are doing for a well-known fashion brand go beyond their expertise. They need a partner to interpret the fire protection project specifications and implement them.


To install 50 meters of SUT (Suspended Underfloor Trunking) for each of the 7 ceiling compartments. The building is newly constructed, subject to LEED certification, and the SHEV must guarantee the thermal transmittance limit performances required for the reference climatic zone.
Install 50 meters of SUT for each of the 7 ceiling compartments. The building is newly constructed and undergoing LEED certification, the SHEV must ensure the maximum thermal transmittance performance as required for the reference climatic zone.


Through an analysis of the prefabricated roof structure, we determined:

  • the size of the SHEV;
  • the suitable model to guarantee the required SUT value;
  • the possibility of distribution on the roof (minimum distances), within the limits prescribed by the UNI9494 standard.

For the configuration of the parts of the SHEV (type of dome, height, and insulation of the curb), we considered the Uw performance required by the project's LEED performance specifications. The performance was verified by a certified calculation method.


A one-day training course on the construction site for the chosen installers by the client. This activity allowed for sharing the necessary operational procedures to guarantee the maintenance of the performance indicated in the CE marking of the product.


650 meters of the curb, 350 square meters, 380 square meters of fall protection grid, 200 NSHEVs, provided in a single solution. At the end of the work, to guarantee the proper execution by the client's personnel, we:

  • carried out the verification of the initial functioning of what was provided;
  • assisted the client in filling out the necessary documents to complete the file to be presented to the Fire Brigade.
Installation Testing